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Hello, I am Stacey Quinn.


I am a serial entrepreneur, a competent businesswoman, wife and proud mother who projects a high level of technical competence, self-confidence, authority, and enthusiasm in doing what I love to do, which is helping others achieve success with their e-commerce business.


I also own an online clothing boutique that caters to confident, classy and entrepreneurial women. Within my first 6 months of opening my online clothing boutique, I made nearly $100,000 in sales. To date, my online boutique has generated over 1 million dollars in sales. In addition to being an online boutique owner, I have been sewing my own clothes for over seven years now.  

As someone who enjoys projecting the best in everything I do, I will continue to seek in widening my horizon of learning in diverse aspects of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. I devote all of my time, energy, and passion to continue becoming the very best version of myself.


I continue to drive strength daily from the motivation I get from my loving husband and daughter. As far as my educational background, I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies. 

Building wealth to achieve financial freedom and creating a legacy for my daughter and future lineage is the driving force behind everything I do!

I look forward to helping you with the success of your e-commerce business!


How  Can I Help You


How To Start An Online Boutique
(1-Hour course)

This is a general crash course on how to start an online boutique. In this video I will explain how to start an online boutique in detail and give you a basic idea of how to get started. This video/presentation has over 1 hour worth of content and is recommended for those that have no idea on how to get started. If you have already done your research and still have more in depth questions, it is recommended that you book the 1-hour strategy session instead. This is an instant download and can be replayed as many times as you need.

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